New York Seniors Car/Auto Insurance Discount Defensive Driving

 New York Mature Driver Improvement

New York Seniors Car/Auto Insurance Discount Defensive Driving


Save 10% Off Your Liability Insurance

By completing this driver improvement course, you are eligible for a mandatory 10% reduction in your liability insurance premiums for three years Our insurance course is fully approved by New York state insurance providers and 100% online. No paperwork to fill out. No classes to attend. When it comes to getting an auto insurance discount, you’re in control.

Getting Your Discount Is Easy

We made the process of getting your insurance 10% discount hassle free.

  1. Sign up for the course.
    Enrollment is easy. Simply sign up online.
  2. Complete the course.
    Don’t have a lot of time? Our online course can be finished between your morning bagel and late afternoon coffee. And if you need more time, you have complete freedom to work through the course at whatever pace your schedule allows, so long as you complete the course within 30 days*.
  3. Send your certificate of completion to your insurance company.
    To receive your mandatory 10% discount, submit your completion certificate to your insurance provider within 90 days of finishing the course. If you meet the 90-day submission deadline, your savings discount goes into effect immediately**.

Help Whenever You Need It

No matter when or where you’re studying, help is just a phone call away. Our customer support team is available - 7 days a week.

*New York state law mandates that you finish our course within 30 days from the date of your enrollment. There may be extenuating factors in your driving history that might prevent you from qualifying. Contact your insurance provider and double check that you qualify.

**Submitting your certificate of completion to your insurance provider after 90 days means your discount may be applied from the date you submitted your certificate.